As my second week of school comes to a close I look forward to my weeks in store. This will be a BIG semester for me. 


Next week, I have the privilege to travel to Tampa, Florida for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association meeting. (Hello sunshine! Bye bye frigid Missouri weather!) At this meeting, cattlemen and women from all over the nation join together for the love of cattle. I am attending this event representing the Mizzou Collegiate Cattlewomen and look forward to making new contacts in the beef industry. I grew up on a cow/calf operation and have a passion for cattle. This passion drives me to stay involved and be persistent in my interests, with the focal point surrounding how I can help the beef industry in the future.


Today marks the start of the annual Alpha Gamma Rho Classic, a steer and heifer show for exhibitors to preview their livestock before the summer months. As I press publish, I will be walking out the door to reunite with many lifelong friends and to watch some great animals show. 

Now, how does Florida and a steer and heifer show relate? (Besides the fact that cattle are involved.)


They may be friends, or industry professionals–these people who share your passion will help you accomplish your dreams. My dream is to stay involved with the beef industry and stay active in order to keep it strong and marketable. These people also know other people in the industry so they act as a gateway for future opportunities as well. If there is any road to take, you can at least take one that someone has already traveled down, but make it your own story. Don’t let any obstacle stop you from reaching the dreams and goals you set. For me, making contacts isn’t the easiest due to the fact that I’m an introvert and I enjoy taking the passenger seat. However, the driver’s seat is the only one that will get you anywhere. 

Have a heavy lead foot and set the cruise–straight for your dreams.


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