Two Little Words

Sean and Leigh Ann Tuohy walked out on the stage. These esteemed givers were surrounded by a jam-packed room full of cattlemen and women from all over the nation.

I asked myself, “Why are they here? How does this relate to a bunch of good ‘ol cowboys and cowgirls?”

My question was soon answered. This couple, like many cattlemen and women, love to give. These people love to give of their time, money, experience, advice and whatever else someone could need. Like the Tuohy’s did for Michael Oher, these cattlemen and women give everyday and they can relate to the popular story that was recently made into a movie.

They began to speak about their lives in the past 10 years and how it has been affected by their relationship with Michael. Now, Michael was just an ordinary kid. He was predicted to have no future. He had nothing going for him. Michael was already predicted to join a gang as their body guard, who usually have about a two year life expectancy.

Now, we’ve all seen “The Blind Side” and have enjoyed the story of Michael becoming part of the Tuohy family–and if you haven’t seen the movie, shame on you! Go watch it!

These remarkable people stood literally less than 20 feet away from me. These people have had a major motion picture made about their lives, yet they claim nothing. They don’t want the fame, they don’t want the attention. They explained to us how it wasn’t about saving Michael, it was about Michael saving them.

They were driving down the road one night and saw Michael in shorts, walking through the pouring rain. Leigh Anne looks at Sean and says “turn around.” Sean did and the rest is history for Michael and the Tuohy family.

With the Raven’s recent win at the Super Bowl, Michael reached his ultimate dream. For Leigh Anne, she said it was amazing to see her son reach the goal he has always worked for. Just because she took him in, she enabled someone who was less than average to be something extraordinary! How many people have a miracle story like that?

Not many–or so you think!

Leigh Anne and Sean explained that all you need to do to help someone in life is to give. Give them a smile to brighten their day. Give them a tank of gas to get them home when they run out. Do anything to help someone and you will watch the effects expand and grow on others around you.

If you want one easy way to change the world. Here’s the place to start. Whether it is in agriculture or any other industry, to in the parking lot at Wal-Mart, there is always someone to help and give to, especially in today’s times.

I give you this mission. Spread one act of joy each day and see how it affects you and your friend circle, community, and family. This will reflect positively not only on their lives but also on yours. The major motion picture started with only two little words. “Turn around.”



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