Multimedia in Agriculture

Telling your story is the most important thing someone can do correctly in agriculture. I started this blog to tell my story, like many others who blog about their ag endeavors and lifestyles. Many people have a passion for sharing with others what they love about farm life and what they experience on a daily basis. These advocates for agriculture are bringing a new light to an industry that has been hidden by shadows for a long time.


Why is this important?  You may say,”agriculture hasn’t been in the shadows…It’s always been active.”

“You are right,” I would answer. “Exactly right.” But people don’t realize how important the agriculture is to the population’s daily lives.


Now this isn’t another one of those “chocolate  milk comes from a brown cow” posts. We all should know where chocolate milk comes from… But for those of us who don’t, please contact me!  I’m sure there is a youtube video that can help you out with your confusion as well. However, what agriculture needs is a continuous burst of information to the public, informing them and insuring them of the safe production of our quality items. Since I’m in J2150, a multimedia journalism class, I believe the best way to communicate is through this avenue.  Multimedia and social media in agriculture may be it’s saving grace.


This industry has never been taught to talk about ourselves because 1.) humility is important to the average agriculturalist and 2.) we’re just too darn busy. Playing off the success of the Dodge Ram commercial from the Super Bowl two weeks ago, any person can see how easily advertising, multimedia and social media can put the ag industry as well as farmers and ranchers on the map.

Thankfully, people who are experienced in multimedia are able to convey our message to the public in a way that they can affectively understand it. We need to utilize these professionals to continuously tell our story to the public and answer any questions they might have.


Adversely, multimedia and social media may hurt our industry too. Many documentaries and videos have been made over the “corruptness” of the agriculture industry and how “factory farms” are taking over our industry. These are the perfect opportunities to talk and clarify what the consumer is confused about. The producers of these videos may have ulterior motives unfortunately, but any opportunity is a great opportunity to talk about agriculture.


What I look forward to doing in my future is affectively communicating about what we do in agriculture to the public and to concerned consumers. I think it is very important to share you passion, whatever it may be, with others. In conclusion, multimedia journalism is the perfect tool in agriculture keep consumers as well as our farmers and ranchers happy.





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