Sounds Like Home to Me

It may be the sound of an old John Deere tractor, the engine running, the gears shifting as it putts across the field. It may be your old Angus cow 202 that is bawling for her newborn calf. It may even be the sound of laughter and screaming as your children run up and down the terraces of the field, making fun out what God gave them to play with. Some of these things are most enjoyable when you close your eyes and let your ears take you to the event at hand.

To be a good story in journalism, especially in a convergence piece, there has to be good sound. The sound should compliment the sound bites as well as the b-roll in the story. Together they have the ability to make a powerful piece! However, not many people think to step back and just appreciate the audio.

Audio has the ability to take your imagination wherever it wants to go, in order to make the story fun according to individual minds. That tractor, for example, might be red and rusty but still works like a charm. However, in another person’s mind when they close their eyes they might hear a brand new tractor or maybe one like their grandfather had when they were growing up. Audio provokes thought and provides a great source of storytelling. When done successfully, audio is a very powerful tool.

The Brownfield Agriculture News Network does an excellent job of including audio to compliment their news stories. Check out the link for a news story with complimentary audio.

Storytelling is a huge part of advocating for agriculture, as I mentioned in my last post. So, whether it be from word of mouth or from audio you record while you’re in your tractor (see “Water n’Poo” below) any audio you can share about the benefits of farm life is great! “Water n’ Poo” is a great example of how a farmer used audio to explain how his family farm distributes fertilizer and why it is important. He used a flip phone, so iPhone users out there–you better be using your high quality audio to share about your agricultural lifestyles. It’s simple! So don’t forget to utilize the power of audio!



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