Convergence Journalism

I am just about snowed out. I don’t know about you… but three days off of school REALLY messes up my schedule. However, I am not complaining about the lazy snow days here at MU. Now, if I was at home it would be a different story.



Credit: University of Illinois Extension

But aside from me missing my cattle at home, I have found a new love while here at MU–convergence journalism. As we discussed in my Multimedia Journalism class lecture on Monday, it is an up-beat, fast-paced version of the class I am taking right now.


What does “convergence” mean? Well, convergence is the use of media with video and audio. In these pieces, we combine good sound bites with voice overs and pair it with broil and maybe even music to make a well-rounded piece that is easy for viewers to understand.


I work for MU Extension Cooperative Media Group and we produce about two convergence pieces per week about current topics in agriculture, MU or extension here in Missouri. I find these fun and fascinating to do because when you are through with all the editing and the shooting of interviews and broil–this convergence piece is something to be proud of.


These are great for social media and they are shared on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube all the time. Many agriculture communications firms compile these videos because they are a great way to share stories in agriculture. In the future, I hope to incorporate convergence journalism into my career and utilize it, whether it be about a client I am serving at an ag communications firm, or about my life at home on the farm or ranch.


These are the simplest ways to share our story-why not take advantage of this opportunity!?




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