Choice Words

What you say can change someone’s perspective on life. What matters even more is how you say it.


A professor of mine, who actually falls in my college which is the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources here at MU, had some advice to share with our class today. As we were adjourned for class he had a few words of “wisdom” from which I was taken aback.  He said, “Don’t eat red meat! It’s bad for you!”


Now, little miss beef girl over here thought it was pretty hard to sit still in her seat. Good thing we had the opportunity to leave. What I do regret is not correcting him.


In Monday’s lecture, we had guest speakers which were a select group of students who presented about the effectiveness of social media. They reminded us about the power it has and how it is to remove things that may have an impact on your career life in the future. I feel like this is drilled into our heads as students very frequently. However, they have a very valid point.


In agriculture, we are outnumbered by the amount of bad advertising through social media. It is very overwhelming how many different activists express their opinion. These strong opinions range from animal rights to GMO’s, and from CO2 to runoff. It is hard for people in ag to monitor and correct these different opinionated posts. So as an “agvocate” myself I strongly regret not taking the final step, especially in person, to discuss and correct his misconceptions about red meat.


Remind you, this professor is old. I would guess around the age of 85. Despite his age, he is one fiery old man who loves to express his opinion. His class is composed of multiple presentations from every student in the class and they have to choose a controversial topic and make their case to him. Sadly, I didn’t hear any presentations about beef today but somehow he felt compelled to tell us that red meat was bad.


SO! for any of you readers, or journalism professors by golly… here are the FACTS about red meat and why it is important to a balanced diet. 

Let’s just say my professor will be hearing from me very soon, perhaps receiving an email filled with beef nutritional facts will help him keep his opinionated mouth closed, especially at a university setting. The proper research has been done about beef and red meat for health in general and I find it hard personally not to take these facts into consideration.


Beef is a great source of zinc, iron and protein as well as a lean choice! Here are some more facts about the nutrients one can get from incorporating beef into your daily diet.


Well, till next time. Meanwhile, I expect all of you to eat a big juicy steak.




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