A progressive passion: I love beef!

One thing that ties everything together for me is passion. This intense enthusiasm and optimism can be seen in anything I do. I discovered this passion through my activities growing up such as 4-H, FFA, showing and judging livestock and public speaking. The leadership I share with my peers in the Litton Leadership Scholars Cohort was discovered through these agricultural activities.

My main passion is for my cattle and the beef industry. I have been raising and showing Angus cattle since the age of eight and I hold this opportunity very close to my heart.  Throughout high school and into college, I have been active in the Missouri Junior Angus Association (MJAA) and the Missouri Junior Cattlemen’s Board of Directors (MJCA.) These organizations have helped me develop my interest, knowledge and other skills relating to my cattle. Today, I currently serve as Missouri Angus Queen and am still active in the MJAA and MJCA. I am a sophomore science and agricultural journalism major and I hope to use the knowledge I obtain here at the University of Missouri to benefit the promotion of cattle farmers and ranchers and their livestock in the future.


My favorite speaking point about beef is how important it is to our health and well being. Beef is known for packing a punch for protein. Protein is vital to our organs, muscles, bones and other body tissues for their development growth and maintenance. A 3oz., 95 percent lean cooked serving contains 22g of protein- that’s almost half of your daily-recommended serving.  Beef also boosts the immune system. Due to the zinc content, the elderly and pregnant women may have a lesser chance of getting sick. Zinc is known to keep the immune system up and running strong. Combine zinc with the great flavor of beef and see an easy way to keep healthy.

Beef truly has a competitive advantage over other sources of protein because of the large amounts of zinc, iron and protein along with other vitamins and minerals such as selenium, phosphorous, niacin, riboflavin, vitamin B12 and B6. Beef is the perfect choice for any meal in order to get the right amounts of all your daily nutrients.

Another thing I like to discuss about my cattle and the beef industry is leadership. I learned how to be a leader through exhibiting my cattle, working inside and outside the show ring and at the farm with my dad. Through raising and showing cattle, it has taught me to think on my feet, be a good decision maker and it has taught me how to lose gracefully. I have learned to make new friends even through competition. I have learned how to work under pressure and to deal with something that has an invariable result. I have discovered that all things don’t come for free- it takes hard work, determination, and strength to get the outcome you desire. These lessons have taught me how to follow. In order to be a good leader, following must be the first step mastered. I can now apply this knowledge to my life as I grow older and progress into my career.



In the future, I hope to work for a public relations agency, serving beef or dairy clients. I want to make sure the consumer can clearly understand the message from producers. Hopefully, I can eliminate any misconceptions about beef products and their benefits to our health. I hope my past experience and passion for the beef industry will help me better serve the agriculture industry.

I am @the_ag_lady on twitter I would love for you to follow me to help me spread knowledge and awareness of current events occurring in the agriculture industry.



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